Data Platforms: A cornerstone for data-driven transformation

In this webinar, Julia Lake, Associate Director of Digital (Data) at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, joined experts from Agilisys to discuss the use of data platforms within healthcare. 

Effective data analysis can result in improved patient outcomes and experience and optimal use of NHS resources. Yet, disparate legacy data systems, pervasive data quality issues, and time-consuming manual analysis often limit insights and prevent access to technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

In this webinar, using real-world examples of our work with the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, we shared how data platforms can overcome these challenges and deliver service-changing benefits, including: 

  • An integrated, trusted, single view of the citizen that powers a better patient experience 
  • Automated data cleansing, freeing up analysts to focus on value-adding activities and interpretation 
  • Accessible, self-service insights embedded into organisational decision-making processes  
  • A growing dataset and technical solution that lays the foundations for advanced analytics and AI  
  • Data auditing capabilities for automating governance and improving quality


  • Julia Lake – Associate Director of Digital (Data) at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust  
  • Richard Walker – Partner, Customer Experience
  • Arvind Sud – Head of Data
  • Megan McClusky – Principal Consultant
  • Ben Scully – Principal Consultant
  • Evie Dineva – Senior Consultant, BI

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