Transform your intranet with Viva Connections

Since the start of the pandemic last year, as many as 60% of employees have reported feeling less connected to colleagues as a result of remote working, and this is likely to continue as we move towards a hybrid-working scenario. In this session, we’ll show you how you can address this with a new intelligent intranet, which is available to all your employees directly within Teams – where most people spend the majority of their working day.

We’ll explain what Viva Connections is – and how this can help you supercharge your internal comms function, and how it can help employees feel more connected and engaged with your organisation. We’ll also explain what we mean by an intelligent intranet, and how this can help you.

We’ll talk briefly about the dependencies and pre-requisites for using Viva Connections, and what the business case looks like, and then we’ll bring this to life with our own internal case study for Viva Connections, where we will share the benefits that we’ve already seen within Agilisys since deploying this a few months ago.

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