social care

Transforming social care cost modelling

Most social care departments do not use evidence to predict the impact of the services they provide, which means that overspend remains common and senior leaders feel that they have little control over cost. 

In response to this problem, Agilisys has developed a tool that lets social care leaders and managers understand their current services and how much they cost, which projects how demand and cost will change in coming years, and which allows business users in social care to test different scenarios which affect these, while being able to see the expected impact. 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss: 

  • Why social care cost modelling is needed 
  • How the model can support your organisation to work differently 
  • Details on how the model works and the impact it delivers 
  • How users interact with the model 
  • Real world use case examples 

Who the webinar is for: 

  • Directors of children’s and/or adults’​ services 
  • Finance directors 
  • Commissioning leads 
  • Social care data leads 

Access the full webinar using the form or read more about the model.