Unstructured Data Migration to Microsoft 365

Many organisations are still running legacy file shares, with huge amounts of dark data sitting on on-premises infrastructure that at some point will reach its end of life.

We frequently talk to customers facing this very challenge – usually with a few different reasons for need to move away from legacy file shares, such as cost savings, having to move out of a datacentre (due to end of contract for example), infrastructure end of life or security / compliance concerns.

In this session, we will:

  • Take you through the options for migrating your data
  • Help you understand the business case for moving data to M365, and where Azure Files can fit into this
  • The benefits of moving content into SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams
  • Share how you can approach the challenge of understanding your data and planning the migration
  • Key lessons learned


  • Luke Evans – Technical Architect, Agilisys
  • Zoe Wilson – Director of Innovation and Customer Success, Agilisys
  • Ruben Hugo – Content & Collaboration Lead, Agilisys