Watch now: Leaders round table – how will coronavirus change local government for good?

Catch up on our virtual leaders round table

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt and disturbit’s clear it will leave a lasting legacy on the world around us. For local government, the impact will be profound, changing the way we work and challenging how we deliver services. But what exactly will the future of local government look like? 

Access the full recording of this virtual round table where a panel of senior local government leaders debate what the future landscape could look like. 







Key questions covered include: 

  • Could a demand tsunami break the sector?  
  • Should we expect member and officer roles to change permanently?   
  • Will transformation accelerate if roadblocks to change no longer apply? 
  • Can new levels of clean data change the way services are designed forever? 
  • Can we successfully view health and social care as one system?  
  • Will the new normal ways of working accelerate journeys to the cloud?  
  • Is it possible to leverage community goodwill to soak up demand?