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Project Cortex has been hailed as one of the most exciting product launches for the public sector in recent years.

In a nutshell, Project Cortex brings together content in Microsoft 365 and external data sources, enabling organisations to manage knowledge and streamline processes with advanced security, compliance and automated workflow. AI is used to automatically analyse and organise content and deliver innovative experiences such as topic cards, topic pages and knowledge centres across Office, Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

Zoe Wilson, Head of Enterprise Collaboration and Productivity at Agilisys, commented: “For me, this is incredibly exciting because there’s an enormous amount of potential to transform how people work. We’re not talking about superficial changes either – I truly believe Project Cortex will change the way we connect with and use content forever.”

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Agilisys is one of just 14 global partners to be given Project Cortex launch partner status by Microsoft – and the sole UK public sector only specialist issued with the award.

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