Delivering the transformative Police Assaults and Injuries App

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30th June 2023

Discover how the Agilisys Data and Decisions Team leveraged Microsoft technology to develop an app that enables UK police forces to collect more information on assaults and injuries to enhance response and decision-making.

Police officers and staff face aggression and confrontation daily. More than 41,000 assaults on police officers were reported nationally in FY 2021/22 –a figure which increased 11% from the previous year.

Find out how Agilisys were instrumental in the development of the Police Assaults and Injuries App, which provides every force with the tool it needs to provide the accurate data that will positively drive change in this space.

Built in Microsoft Power Apps, the App can be used to log details of an incident and then subsequently categorise the incident. In the full case study, we discuss how the App has the potential to be a game-changer for policing, the benefits of the solution and how Forces can use the same application, free of charge, within their existing Microsoft licences.