Leading by Example: Continuing the transformation journey in post-pandemic local government

Senior leaders from Sefton and Barnsley Councils join experts from Agilisys to discuss the different routes to transformation in post-pandemic local government.

Technology-enabled transformation has been a strategic priority for local government for some time, with leading authorities using digital tools to innovate and drive improvements to service delivery, improve outcomes for citizens and transform internal processes.

In recording of a live webinar, senior leaders from Sefton and Barnsley Councils join experts from Agilisys to discuss their digital journeys and how they’re embracing technology to address challenges as we emerge from the pandemic.

Helen Spreadbury, Senior Manager ICT & Digital at Sefton Council, David Robinson, Service Director Customer Information & Digital Services, and Phil Ruston, Sector Lead at Agilisys.

What to expect:

  • Detailed insight into the digital transformation journeys taken so far and the business challenges overcome
  • How great technology enablers such as data and insights, modern workplace tools, cloud and RPA are enabling better outcomes, both externally and internally
  • The need to modernise and manage the core technology capabilities that unlock flexibility and facilitate continuous transformation
  • The different approaches and routes to transformation taken by our panellists
  • How the transformation work taking place will drive post-pandemic recovery – and how efforts are being refocused to match changing customer expectations while tackling digital exclusion

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