Automation Collaboration Forum for Police

Forces have historically worked together to address mutual challenges. However, the requirement for some providers to be part of a collaborative, and the formal role for provider collaboratives in the structure of integrated care systems, are new and need careful consideration.

As the organisation that brings together the healthcare and local and regional government system in England, Wales and Scotland, we are uniquely positioned to support you to collaborate and work across organisational and/or force boundaries. That’s why we’re looking to establish a community of like-minded professionals, currently employed by a police force, who want to learn and collaborate with others.

The benefits of this community include:

  • Peer learning sets – uniting around a shared interest or ambition to drive innovation
  • Peer networks – connecting you with peers at a similar stage of development
  • Regular leadership sessions – convening all learning sets to showcase work, discuss thematic issues and share the latest thinking
  • Easy to access virtual sessions – Microsoft Teams will be our platform of choice

If you would like to join this community, please submit your interest using the form and, if your application is successful, you will receive a calendar invitation directly to your inbox.

This community is specifically for people within the policing sector. If you are interested in healthcare or local government instead, please click here to get in touch.