Agilisys GenAI Workshops for Local Government and Healthcare

About the GenAI Workshops

Master the skills needed to lead GenAI transformation in your organisation. Agilisys GenAI Workshops are designed to make Generative AI accessible and practical for public sector organisations across the UK.

Generative AI holds great potential for better service delivery, cost savings, and enhanced citizen satisfaction. However, the fast-moving technological change can feel complex to navigate and overwhelming. Through our expert-led workshops, we provide senior leadership teams within the public sector with a comprehensive understanding of GenAI. We demonstrate practical applications and how to get immediate benefits of this technology safely. Our approach is hands-on and interactive, ensuring participants leave not just informed but inspired—equipped with actionable insights and strategies to leverage GenAI for tangible improvements.

Workshop agenda

Our workshop programme is crafted to take participants from the introductory level to become a competent user. It includes:

  • Definition and significance of Generative AI
  • Evolution of technology in the public sector
  • Deep dive into Generative AI and its practical applications
  • Live demonstrations of tools used by public sector organizations
  • Working session for reflection on specific challenges
  • Exploration of how Generative AI can drive efficiencies, improvements, and savings
  • Reflective discussion on strategizing for the future with generative AI opportunities and challenges

Why should you join?

Our team will work with you to customise the workshop to address your organisation’s specific needs and challenges. After completing the workshop, participants will leave with actionable insights and strategies for integrating generative AI into their operations, as well as a clear understanding of the potential outcomes and benefits.

“In Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, the ICS is at the start of what we hope will be an exciting, transformative and rewarding AI journey. This initial workshop was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and acted as a great catalyst in identifying candidate areas for further exploration.” 

– Chris Ibell, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care Board

Next steps

For those ready to explore how AI could help their organisations, we’re happy to be your partner in exploration and innovation. Contact us to arrange your own GenAI workshop and join the ranks of organisations setting new benchmarks in public service excellence and efficiency.

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