Healthcare Strategy Forum – April 2022

Agilisys is attending the upcoming Healthcare Strategy Forum where we will be discussing the current situation and future of the NHS. This event brings together the finest thought leaders to debate, share ideas and network in order to find solutions to these most pressing ‘big picture’ issues in the modern NHS today.

Hear from experts, Simon Watkins, Managing Consultant and Nina Atwal, Healthcare Sales Lead, in our session:

Using automation to rapidly solve the NHS administrative resourcing problem

26th April, 10.05-10.25

Since 2014, the NHS has piled on a further 25,000 clerical and administrative roles, a number that highlights how the system has struggled to adopt a transformative approach to work.  

This administrative growth highlights the enormous potential benefits of intelligent automation to the NHS. In fact, from our experience of delivering the latest solutions to UK healthcare, we estimate that over £200 million can be saved each year across NHS trusts, pharmacies, dental and optometry by embracing the power of automation. While automation is most often applied to non-clinical areas, the benefits are felt across multiple clinical areas, ultimately driving better patient outcomes.  

In this session, we’ll showcase why automation makes sense as it:

  • delivers rapid benefits
  • share examples of how processes can be transformed using the very best the technology has to offer
  • detail why now is the time for the NHS to embrace an automation revolution. 

Watch the webinar using automation to rapidly solve the public sector administrative resourcing problem