Social Housing Strategy Forum

We are attending the upcoming Social Housing Strategy Forum, a two-day networking event for thought leaders. With technology changing how we live and work, the social housing sector must adapt if it is to deliver services to standard, it must drive transformation, even when facing considerable financial challenges.

North Lanarkshire Council Case Study – Introducing technology and IoT to enable speedy and remote diagnosis of issues within housing stock

25th May, 10.05-10:25

As a local authority with over 37,000 properties across a large geographic region, anything that facilitated remote diagnosis would provide operational efficiencies and financial savings. Join Alison Scott, Principal Consultant at Agilisys and Bobby Singh, Principal Consultant at Agilisys, as they will take you this case study and two successful solutions:

1) Virtual Visits through-the use of video calls to remotely diagnose housing repairs and conduct pre-and post-work inspections. This was designed to mimic as closely as possible the “in person” process, whilst also meeting the following criteria; no extra processes or procedures, no extra work for administrators, and simple for tenants.

2) Environmental Sensors were piloted to enable early identification of mould/ damp issues, and alert tenants to any lifestyle behaviours that could be a contributing factor to damp/mould. The pilot also gave valuable information on the benefits of Capex spending and properties that were being mis-used. 

The insights from the first pilot, led to the pilot being extended to temporary accommodation stock to provide early alerts of abandonment and identify where fuel poverty was possibly an issue.

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