To protect the most vulnerable people from the coronavirus outbreak, the Government has identified and written to the 1.5 million plus citizens across the UK, requesting they socially shield for at least 12 weeks. For many, this long-term isolation will be difficult without external help across a wide variety of needs.

As a result, working with the London Borough of Merton, Agilisys has designed and built ‘Helping Hands’ – a contact management solution that is designed to track both the outreach contacts with vulnerable people, and also identify their specific needs, be it just plain contact with someone or more specific needs like shopping, collecting prescriptions or organising transport to medical appointments.

The solution, which is available to all local authorities given the current COVID-19 situation, enables users to:

  • Allocate / re-allocate a list of vulnerable people to call
  • Keep a full record of contact history that’s fully searchable and easily accessible
  • View in one dashboard who needs follow up action
  • Reports on progress / left to contact / unable to contact, to ensure full-service coverage
  • Version 2 – available now – adds additional features such as the ability to manage referrals, support for Statutory Performance Reporting, as well as the processing, recording and tracking of food deliveries

The flexible solution, which utilises Microsoft Dynamics, Power Portal and Power BI – all in Azure – means new features can be added regularly. An automated daily checker for vulnerable people by SMS or similar, using robotics, is one example.

If you’d like to know more about this solution and how we can rapidly deploy it in your authority, contact us today.

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