Agilisys x Outcomes Matter: An Innovative Collaboration on EHCP Plus

The launch of EHCP Plus marks a significant milestone in the new collaboration between Agilisys and Outcomes Matter Consulting, utilising Generative AI technology to revolutionise the development of Education, Health, and Care Plans.

With the initiative kicking off in an initial 5 local authorities, with a second cohort lining up to follow not far behind and expansion into other service areas on the horizon, we delve into what's next for this innovative partnership. Emma Ockelford, Founder of Outcomes Matter, and Darius Toomer, Head of Agilisys Product, share their insights on EHCP Plus.

Emma, how does EHCP Plus streamline processes for professionals, and what does this mean for families and children?

Emma: “EHCP Plus is a game-changer. By automating and refining the EHCP development process, we’re cutting down on administrative tasks that have traditionally consumed so much of SEN case workers’ time. More time for professionals means more opportunities for meaningful, face-to-face interactions with children and their families. It allows for a deeper understanding of needs, aspirations, and the nuances that can make a world of difference in their support. Ultimately, EHCP Plus is about enhancing the quality of services, making sure every interaction counts and contributes to improving outcomes.”

How does Agilisys’s Generative AI technology QuickAction contribute to this goal?

Darius: “Our Generative AI technology is at the heart of this efficiency drive. By intelligently automating the drafting of plans and paperwork, we’re significantly reducing the manual hours case workers currently spend on these tasks. But it’s more than just the saving time and creating the plan; it’s about enhancing the accuracy and personalisation of each EHCP too. This emphasis ensures that professionals aren’t just regaining valuable time; they are also equipped with the detailed personalised plan outlining the unique needs of each child and family, and the support they need to achieve their outcomes.”

With the pilot already gaining huge positive engagement, what are the expected outcomes for the participating local authorities?

Emma: “The pilot phase is critical for us to fine-tune the system and ensure it meets the varied needs across different local authorities. We’re expecting to see a significant reduction in the time it takes to produce EHCPs (an expected average of 5 hours per plan), but more importantly, we’re looking for feedback on how this is changing the day-to-day experiences of professionals and families too. So – we’re thrilled to announce an additional partnership that will further enrich our understanding and evaluation of EHCP Plus’s impact. Joining us in this innovative journey is GovMetric, a company renowned for its expertise in providing Local Government with customer satisfaction and resident insights. GovMetric will be providing some evaluation of the EHCP Plus pilots, bringing a new layer of depth to our understanding of the initiative’s effectiveness from the perspective of both professionals and families.”

As new local authorities prepare to join the initiative, how is Agilisys ensuring the technology meets the evolving needs of EHCP processes?

Darius: “Adaptability is key. As new authorities come on board with us and Outcomes Matter, we’re committed to a process of continuous improvement, taking on board their feedback and experiences to refine and enhance our AI solutions. It’s about a development approach that ensures we’re practitioner-led, contributing to the same end-goal. Our ‘Agile Development Approach’, that we’ve established through working with a number of public sector organisations across a wide-range of use-cases, lets us leverage our product building expertise in collaboration with subject matter experts and teams like Outcomes Matter. When you combine Agilisys technology and ways of working with the insight and wisdom of the local authorities on this trial, you get a great outcome. Ultimately, we’re making sure Generative AI is allowing professionals to dedicate more time to direct engagement with those they support.

Looking ahead, how does the expansion of your collaboration into Adult and Children’s Social Care fit into the broader mission of both Outcomes Matter and Agilisys?

Emma: “The success of EHCP Plus is laying the groundwork for a broader application of Generative AI and analytics in People based services. Our mission has always been about more than just introducing new technologies though; it’s about changing the landscape of Local Government to be more responsive, more personal, and ultimately more effective. As we continue to expand into adult and children’s social care, our focus remains on how these technologies can free up professionals to spend more time where it matters most – with the people they support. It’s an exciting horizon, and with Agilisys, we’re moving towards a future where technology and human insight combine to create unparalleled outcomes in public services.”

As you look to expand this technology into other areas of Local Government, what challenges and opportunities do you foresee?

Darius: “Social care is a key focus area for Agilisys Product, and will continue to be a priority area for our product development going forward, However, we see significant opportunity to leverage Generative AI in other areas of local government. Replicating the success of EHCP Plus across different service areas allows local authorities to offer more personalised, more efficient, and more impactful support to citizens. For example, we see a huge opportunity to revolutionise the front door experience for citizens and councils, and we’re developing our Cura and Nava products in partnership with key innovation partners to improve accessibility to care and reduce the burden on Council staff.

Beyond this, Agilisys has developed an extensive product catalogue, leveraging Generative AI to ‘supercharge’ public sector processes such as Freedom of Information, Complaints & Business Administration. However, we’re also mindful of the challenges: ensuring our technology is adaptable, ensuring it’s truly impactful, and ensuring it meets local authority data security and governance requirements. We’re also conscious of the task of integrating our solutions within existing systems and processes, which can vary widely across services. Our experience with EHCP Plus equips us with valuable insights and a strong foundation to navigate these challenges with our Local Authority colleagues. Our focus will remain on working closely with professionals to co-design solutions that genuinely meet their needs, driving forward a technology-enabled future that is both innovative and inclusive.”

Given the significant potential EHCP Plus has on giving professionals more time with families, how do you see this influencing the broader landscape of local public services?

Emma: “The impact of EHCP Plus will stretch far beyond the immediate benefits of more time for direct support; it’s a testament to how technology can fundamentally alter the delivery of our public services. By showcasing the profound difference generative AI can make in the EHCP process alone, we’re setting a precedent for other areas of public service. Imagine social care, mental health services, and beyond, all benefitting from similar technological interventions. The key is in not just automating for efficiency’s sake but enhancing the quality and personalisation of care and support as a result of this. This could lead to a ripple effect, encouraging a wider adoption of technology-driven solutions that prioritise human interaction and support, ultimately fostering a more caring, responsive public service sector.”


Emma and Darius’ insights reveal the heart of the EHCP Plus initiative: using cutting-edge technology not for its own sake, but to enhance human connections and support. As this innovative project expands, its core mission remains clear – to give back time to professionals, enabling deeper, more meaningful engagement with children and families, and paving the way for a future where the focus is squarely on the individual needs and well-being of each person served.

Through the power of Generative AI and the commitment of those at Outcomes Matter and Agilisys, EHCP Plus is redefining what it means to offer support in the public sector. As this initiative grows and evolves, its potential to influence positive change across the landscape of Local Government continues to inspire and promise a more connected, responsive, and empathetic approach to public service.

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