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Hayley Olsen , Operations Administrator at Agilisys, discusses her role within our Contact Centre in Maidstone.

What is your role within Agilisys? 

Working in partnership with Kent County Council (KCC), my job title is Operations Administrator. I work within the Contact Centre in Maidstone and my primary role is to provide operational support to the management team and the centre.

My role is extremely varied! I am the health and safety co-ordinator for Kent, as well as being a regional rep for the Employee Benefit Trust (EBT). I often get involved in or help where or when required in most aspects of the business – whether that’s compiling a report, organising activities for the centre, or helping with IT issues for both Kent and Agilisys.

Tell us about your team 

I am part of a fantastic dynamic team of eight people. I work with Michael Desmet, Head of Customer Service, who oversees the centre and over 60 advisors. We operate KCC’s Contact Centre and over 20 different services on behalf of the council. This includes adult and children’s social services, education services, library services and blue badges.

We are made up of three performance managers, a quality manager, a resource planner, a trainer and an operations administrator. As a team, we are great at adapting to any challenge that comes our way!

How did you get to where you are now? 

I started working as a temp for the council in September 2012. By the end of December that year, I was made permanent. The following March, I was seconded to a role within resource planning.

When Agilisys won the contract with KCC in 2015, a new opportunity arose for the role of Operations Assistant and the chance to support the centre and director. The role was new and provided me with the opportunity for development, learning, and growth. I grabbed the opportunity and was successful – I haven’t looked back since!

What do you enjoy most about your job and working at Agilisys? 

Where do I begin?!  Firstly, the people. I work with some truly talented and knowledgeable colleagues. From the advisors, who show a real passion for their role and helping the customer, to everyone else – the people I work with are always helpful and kind.  

I am also lucky to work with many colleagues throughout the business. This has allowed me to gain new skills and knowledge of the business, as well as work with a diverse, innovative group of individuals. 

Finally, I love the variety that my job brings; no day is ever the same and I am often pulled away from tasks to help, assist or answer questions.  I am lucky to have been involved in many different projects in my role – most recently working on getting our staff set up for homeworking for COVID and bringing our staff back to the office safely. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their career at Agilisys? 

Look to skilled colleagues, ask how you can help, make their day easier, or ask if there are any tasks you can assist with or learn from. Be open to learning new skills and open to change. Be innovative and suggest better ways or working, seek advice and learn from more experienced colleagues. 

And as Dwayne Johnson says: “be kind, be humble, be hungry, and you will always be the hardest worker in the room!”


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