What is the state of our digital nation?

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Drive digital transformation

Successful service delivery

With an increasing number of citizens accessing services via multiple channels, digital transformation is essential.

A new digital literacy is emerging and determining the shape of public services. Is your organisation ready to respond to the rapidly evolving needs of its citizens?

Establishing a clear vision for digital

Our latest report revealed that public sector organisations are well on their way to having a clear vision for digital. 

Engage your citizens

Right service, right channel, right time?

Right service, right channel, right time. Are you meeting the needs and expectations of your citizens?

Find out how some of the UK’s leading public sector organisations are using digital technology to meet demand and manage resources.

The advent of the digital citizen

Over 80% of adults in Great Britain use the internet daily or almost daily.

The significant growth of mobile and smartphone usage is changing how we access services with almost three out of four adults accessing the internet ‘on the go’.

Mobile and smartphones are the most popular devices used by adults to access the internet.

Source: Office for National Statistics

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Alison McKenzie-Folan, Wigan Council

Learn how the council is enabling citizens to process day-to-day transactions online at their convenience.

Empower your workforce

Positive digital culture

The right blend of skills, resources, authority and opportunity is the key to successful transformation.

With digital technology re-defining the way we work, how is your organisation responding to the opportunities and challenges of a digitally empowered workforce?

the future of the workplace

The future of the workplace

To learn more about how to develop the right digital culture and skills for your organisation, download our 8-step guide to building a digital culture.

Digital Inclusion

We are on the edge of the next digital revolution.

Operate more efficiently

Do more with less

With increasing budgetary constraints, and the need to deliver better service with less resource, public sector organisations are under continual pressure to maximise operational efficiency.

Learn how you could achieve maximum efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and capital expenditure.

Webinar: Capturing the cloud

Agilisys and Microsoft, discover how leading organisations are overcoming their constraints when migrating to the cloud.

Cloud report

Public sector confidence in cloud migration grows, with significant opportunity remaining.

See Agilisys’ 2016 Cloud Adoption Survey, conducted in partnership with Digital by Default News.

Protect and grow revenue

Innovative collection strategies

As pressure increases on budgets across the public sector, minimising expenditure while maximising Return on Investment is crucial.

Ensure all owed revenues are collected quickly and accurately. Discover how your peers are responding to the challenge.

enfield case study

Enfield case study

Year on year budget challenges call for innovative debt collection solution.

Learn how Enfield Council managed to drastically improve its arrears collection and be ranked in the top ten performing boroughs for tax collection.

Latest Insight

Can digital technology help resolve the crisis in social care?

We conducted a survey to gather the views of Digital Leaders across the UK to find out what role digital technology will play in the future of social care. These are some of the results.