Agilisys Transform: A New Era of Transformation in Public Sector Services

We are excited to announce that Agilisys Product is rebranding to Agilisys Transform. This change signifies our dedication to transforming citizen outcomes & public sector productivity through the power of Generative AI.

Our CEO, Andrew Mindenhall, explains the rationale behind the rebranding: “Transitioning from Agilisys Product to Agilisys Transform is more than a name change. Agilisys Transform encapsulates our mission to drive positive change in the public sector through innovative technology. We are not just building software products; we are creating transformative solutions that deliver significant outcomes for our customers and clients.”

Andrew further elaborates, “Our technologies and software are inherently transformative. The application of this technology and the outcomes it achieves for our customers and clients are transformative. We are transforming the way that we work, we deliver our services, and the types of solutions we provide.”

Our primary focus remains on local government and social care, where we see the most significant potential for transformation. We are committed to improving access to services, reducing the time for assessments, and making a positive difference in citizens’ lives.

Andrew concludes,

“We are at the forefront of what technology can deliver for public services. We need to be bold. The power of GenAI ensures better-quality outcomes. It is not just about speed; it is about quality.”

As Agilisys Transform, we are excited about the journey ahead. We are committed to leading the way in transforming public sector services through innovative technology. We look forward to continuing our work with our customers, clients, and partners in this new era of transformation.

Join us in this transformative journey. Learn more about Agilisys Transform and how we can help your organisation realise the benefits of innovative technology. Visit contact us at for more information.