Redefining Public Sector Support with EHCP Plus: New Collaboration with Outcomes Matter and Datnexa

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Outcomes Matter Consulting and Datnexa on EHCP Plus, a transformative initiative aimed at improving support services in the public sector. EHCP Plus utilises Generative AI technology to enhance the development of Education, Health, and Care Plans, aiming to innovate support services in the public sector.

EHCP Plus kicks off in five local authorities, with plans for further expansion into other service areas already underway. This innovative partnership aims to streamline processes, allowing professionals more time for meaningful interactions with families and children, ultimately enhancing the quality of services and improving outcomes.

Emma Ockelford, Founder of Outcomes Matter, highlights the impact of EHCP Plus on professionals, families, and children: “EHCP Plus is a game-changer. By automating administrative tasks, professionals can devote more time to crucial face-to-face interactions, leading to better understanding and support for families.”

Darius Toomer, Head of Agilisys Product, emphasises the role of Agilisys’s Generative AI technology in driving efficiency and personalisation: “Our Generative AI technology streamlines the EHCP development process, ensuring professionals have more time for direct engagement while delivering detailed, personalised plans tailored to each child and family.”

Adam Dustagheer, Managing Director at Datnexa, expresses the initiative’s potential impact: “EHCP Plus is an innovation that will speed up the current process to give tens of thousands of children, and young people the educational support they need. By harnessing the power of data and AI, with our partners Agilisys, and Outcomes Matter Consulting, we have a solution that gets SEND professionals out from behind a keyboard and back to what they signed up for – working with those who need their support.”

As EHCP Plus garners positive engagement during its pilot phase, participating local authorities hold high expectations. An additional partnership with GovMetric aims to further evaluate the initiative’s impact, enhancing understanding from both professional and family perspectives.

Looking ahead, the collaboration with Outcomes Matter seeks to expand into Adult and Children’s Social Care, aligning with our mission to make public services more responsive and effective.

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To read the interview with Emma Ockelford and Darius Toomer about EHCP Plus, please click here.


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