Humber & North Yorkshire ICB Pioneers Efficiency with QuickAction: A Game-Changer in Public Sector Administration

Humber & North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board has adopted Agilisys’ QuickAction platform to streamline their business administration processes, saving significant time and resources for their secretariat team. Since November 2023, they have been utilising QuickAction as a pioneering innovation partner for Agilisys, leading the charge for public sector integration of GenAI in back-office operations.

QuickAction platform is designed to harness the power of GenAI in a secure and user-friendly environment, facilitating rapid optimisation of internal processes and knowledge sharing among teams. This success story underscores the transformative impact of cutting-edge technology in modernising public sector workflows.

The ICB organisation has seen immense value from the solution: a task that once took three days to prepare for, transcribe, and produce meeting minutes from a monthly board meeting now only takes around 30 minutes for one secretariat member. As they continue to roll out QuickAction across their secretariat team, the organisation is identifying further use cases beyond business administration where the solution can enhance efficiency and output quality.

The Challenge

The Humber & North Yorkshire ICB is a partnership of health and care organisations, dedicated to improving the region’s health and well-being. The ICB has a secretariat team that supports the board and its committees through various administrative tasks, including agenda preparation, minute-taking, report drafting, and correspondence management.

In recognising the potential of GenAI for public sector enhancement, the ICB partnered closely with Agilisys. Together, we pinpointed business administration as a prime area for GenAI integration. The ICB faced a common public sector challenge: delivering high-quality services efficiently while managing limited resources. The secretariat team was burdened with a heavy load of administrative duties demanding significant time and meticulous attention.

Seeking innovative solutions to alleviate this burden, the team aimed to reduce manual effort, streamline processes, and elevate the consistency and quality of their work. Given this, the generation of detailed, high-quality, and consistent meeting minutes emerged as a significant priority for the ICB.

The Solution & Implementation

QuickAction, a GenAI process optimisation tool, provides a secure environment tailored for seamless integration into public sector operations. Its unique features include organisation-specific functionality and standardised outputs, enabling swift and efficient task execution with just one click. Using transcripts and supporting information such as the agenda and board papers, QuickAction generates the initial draft of minutes according to the reference template, capturing detailed discussion points, conflicts of interest, outcomes, and actions. Moreover, it allows users to create internal datasets, ensuring consistency and reducing errors or hallucinations.

Recognising its suitability for business administration, the Humber & North Yorkshire ICB adopted QuickAction to streamline processes and produce high-quality outputs efficiently. Agilisys Product collaborated closely with the ICB secretariat team to fine-tune prompts, develop reference data, and achieve high-quality outputs aligned with best practice minutes. Through a series of onboarding workshops and regular working group sessions, we worked together to upskill the ICB secretariats on how to use QuickAction for producing board meeting minutes.

The Impact & Future Plans

QuickAction has significantly reduced the time associated with board meeting preparation, transcribing, and minute-taking, thereby liberating the secretariat team for higher-value tasks. Early adopters have reported a 50% reduction in minute-taking time, praising its ability to identify conversation points that the secretariat may have missed.

The ICB has been impressed by the impact of QuickAction on its business administration processes and plans to expand its application across other functions and teams within the organisation. The ICB also sees the potential of QuickAction to support its strategic objectives and enhance its decision-making and performance monitoring. For example, the ICB is exploring how QuickAction can help them to analyse and synthesise large volumes of qualitative data from surveys, feedback, and consultations, and generate insights and recommendations for improvement.
The ICB’s adoption of QuickAction represents a significant step toward becoming a fully GenAI-enabled organisation. Their experience is an example of other public sector organisations aiming to harness GenAI’s power securely and effectively.

“QuickAction has been a game-changer for our secretariat team, enabling us to streamline our processes, improve our outputs, and free up time for more value-added work. Redirecting our teams’ time to higher-value tasks allows us to give valuable time back to people’s diaries whilst improving the productivity of our organisation as a whole. We’re already looking at how we expand the usage of QuickAction across other areas of the organisation to unlock further benefits and continue in our journey to becoming a fully GenAI-enabled organisation. “

Sue Symington (Chair, Humber & North Yorkshire ICB)

Closing Thoughts

“The team at Humber & North Yorkshire ICB have embraced the potential of this exciting new technology and are already seeing the benefits start to pay off. They lead the way in adopting, innovating, and pioneering the use of GenAI technology in the public sector, and we’re excited to continue working together as innovation partners to expand QuickAction usage and develop further GenAI solutions that can offer immediate and long-lasting benefits to the organisation”, says Andrew Mindenhall (CEO, Agilisys).

Humber & North Yorkshire ICB’s utilisation of QuickAction, along with their broader journey with Agilisys as innovation partners, shows the significant opportunities that GenAI innovation can present for public sector organisations. The ICB’s ongoing success with QuickAction underscores the necessity for a secure and user-friendly GenAI environment, facilitating standardized outputs for rapid knowledge sharing, efficiency gains, and advancing GenAI maturity within organisations.

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