Agilisys GenAI Partner Club: Empowering Public Sector Innovation Across the UK

We are proud to announce the launch of the GenAI Partner Club, aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration within the public sector across the UK. Dedicated to guiding clients through their Generative AI journey, our club offers invaluable networking opportunities, product development collaborations, and educational resources. As organisations navigate the complexities of the modern landscape, the GenAI Partner Club serves as a beacon of support and empowerment, providing tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

Cultivating Collaboration and Innovation

The GenAI Partner Club offers a platform for collaboration and innovation, bringing together a diverse network of partners, including esteemed organisations like Wigan Council, Bolton Council, Reading, North Somerset Council, and Sefton Councils. Through this initiative, members gain access to Agilisys’ GenAI experts, tailor-made innovative GenAI products, workshops, and learning opportunities.

The Agilisys Partner Club provides an open forum for dialogue among like-minded organisations, facilitating the exchange of insights and exploration of innovative approaches to GenAI implementation. Together, we will co-create tailored AI solutions to address the unique needs and pain points of the public sector. This initiative signifies a significant stride in fostering collaboration and innovation within the public sector.

Inaugural Partner Club Event Highlights

Our inaugural Partner Club event in January this year was dedicated to exploring the intersection of Adult Social Care challenges and GenAI opportunities. This dynamic gathering featured keynote speeches, interactive networking sessions, and engaging workshops. Notably, Gerard Crofton-Martin, Director of Transformation and Improvement at the Social Care Institute of Excellence, and Jens Gemmel, a prominent thought leader in Local Government, delivered captivating talks.

Jens’s presentation, titled “The Future of Preventative Gen AI Systems in Local Government,” delved into the pressing issues confronting the public sector and envisioned proactive solutions empowered by Generative AI. Meanwhile, Gerard’s speech, “A Digital Future,” illuminated untapped GenAI prospects for local councils, highlighting opportunities ripe for exploration and implementation. Both speakers offered invaluable insights that ignited discussions and inspired innovative thinking among attendees.


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Future Plans

In the coming months, we will host in-person events tailored to Health, Local, and Central Government sectors across the UK. These sessions will be complemented by virtual thought leadership summits and webinars, with an upcoming webinar exploring the interplay of ICA and Healthcare.

The GenAI Partner Club aims to redefine partner club events as hubs of learning and skill development in Artificial Intelligence. Partners are encouraged to voice their challenges, shaping the evolution of future products, and enhancing their expertise in AI implementation.

If you’re interested in joining this initiative, please reach out to us at for more information.