Agilisys and Wigan Council Strengthen Ties with New 10-Year ICT Contract

We are proud to announce the renewal of our partnership with Wigan Council under a new, transformative, ten-year ICT managed services contract. This collaboration promises not just advanced technological solutions within the town hall but also a continued commitment to community enrichment and local job creation. The legacy arrangement has also been extended to cover the service transformation period under the new deal.

Originating over a decade ago in 2013, our partnership began with delivering IT services within a four-member partnership, which included Bolton & Wigan Councils alongside Wigan and Leigh Housing Company and Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust (see Agilisys wins with Bolton & Wigan Councils | TechMarketView, Bolton Council enters new partnership with Agilisys | TechMarketView). Following a shift towards new cloud-centric architectures and a focus on leveraging expertise in data, automation, and transformation, the scope and value of these collaborations have significantly grown. Notably, a strong emphasis on User Experience (UX) has led to the implementation of end-to-end analytics monitoring to enhance productivity and optimise user interactions.

A pivotal aspect of our ongoing collaboration with Wigan Council involves exploring the potential of GenAI technology to support the Council’s New Era programme. This initiative seeks to revolutionise service delivery through technology, assisting council staff in their duties. Our engagement has included workshops with council senior leaders to explore innovative possibilities, culminating in over 100 actionable ideas and the adoption of Agilisys’ QuickAction tool. This tool allows for encrypted access to the latest GPT-4 32K model, tailored to utilise organisation-specific data for various applications.

Agilisys distinguishes itself through a deep understanding of local government needs and a broad range of UK-based references. Our parent company, Blenheim Chalcot, and its Centre for GenAI Innovation, have been at the forefront of developing GenAI solutions aimed at addressing business challenges and seizing new opportunities. The success stories from within our portfolio are now being showcased to clients and prospects, demonstrating our innovative capabilities (see Wigan Council excited by Agilisys GenAI innovation | TechMarketView).

Councillor Nazia Rehman, the cabinet portfolio holder for finance, resources, and transformation, expressed enthusiasm about the renewal, stating, “We are pleased to be signing this new agreement with Agilisys that will not only ensure the council has high-quality services that will benefit our service delivery but will also provide a boost within our communities. This partnership has a strong track record of creating employment opportunities within Wigan Borough and investing in local projects, long may that continue over the next 10 years. As part of the council’s digital transformation agenda, making sure we have state-of-the-art technology so that our residents get the most out of their council services is vitally important.”

Andrew Mindenhall, CEO of Agilisys, affirmed the partnership’s aspirations, saying, “We are confident that this partnership will set a new benchmark for excellence in public service delivery. Our focus is on responsibly using cutting-edge technologies to create the best possible experience for residents accessing the council’s News 8th February 2024 services with cyber-security and efficient delivery at the forefront. Over the last decade, Agilisys has created significant community benefits, employing hundreds of apprenticeships and supporting local good causes and I look forward to continuing to invest in our community.”

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