Agilisys has been successfully accepted onto the Scottish Government’s Digital Technology Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

Scottish Procurement created this DPS for Digital Technology Services to continue to provide Scottish public sector and third sector bodies with a quick route to market for digital technology.

The DPS is a key enabler for a number of digital initiatives, specifically Scotland’s Digital Strategy, Realising Scotland’s full potential in a digital world, and provides access to a range of digital technology skills, including cyber expertise, as well as supporting the delivery of agile projects.

Agilisys has been added to the digital projects and digital resources lots that are at the heart of the purchasing system after successfully showcasing the work being undertaken with North Lanarkshire Council in in support of the Council’s ambitious digital transformation programme. The partnership is successfully embracing the latest technology to transform business processes, enable cost savings, reduce on-premise footprint and deliver cutting-edge business intelligence, amongst other projects.

“I’m delighted that Agilisys has been accepted onto the DPS for Digital Technology Services, which further highlights our commitment to digital transformation across Scotland,” commented Cheryl Bennett, Solutions Partner at Agilisys. “Our strategic partnership with North Lanarkshire Council is just one example of many we’re developing across Scotland, where innovation, agility and our dedicated public sector focus is driving new ways of thinking around how authorities operate and services are delivered.

“This DPS provides organisations across the Scottish public sector with streamlined access to a wider range of digital technology suppliers, encourages competition and drives SME participation – all positives that Agilisys believes the sector can benefit greatly from.”

Further information on Scotland’s Digital Technology Services Dynamic Purchasing System can be found on the Scottish government website.