We are delighted to announce that seven talented women from across Agilisys have been named as finalists in the Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2020.

Now in its fourth year, the Women in Tech Excellence Awards (formerly Women in IT Excellence Awards) continues to be one of the most hotly contested and prestigious awards of its type. Organisers this year said they received over 800 nominations.

The Agilisys finalists who impressed the judges enough to make the shortlist this year are:

Innovator of the Year – SME:

Zoe Wilson, Head of Enterprise Collaboration and Productivity

Rising Star of the Year – Tech & Services:

Louise Tyson, Cloud Development Programme Cohort Manager

Ellie Bellhouse, Project Co-ordinator

Role Model of the Year: Tech & Services:

Alison Young, IT Shared Service Director

Team Leader of the Year – Tech Sector:

Eleanor Freeman, Project Manager

Shona Leavey, Agilisys Guernsey Head of IT

Transformation Leader – Tech Sector:

Corran Griffin, Programme Director

According to Computing, organiser of the Women in Tech Excellence Awards, women make up less than 20 per cent of the UK IT workforce, and schools and universities report little to no growth in the number of females taking STEM subjects.

“It’s encouraging to see positive strides being taken by the IT industry to attract more women into the profession – especially as it makes total sense to do so,” commented Sue Lees, Elevate East London Chief Executive, who was named Woman of the Year in the 2019 Women in IT Excellence Awards.

“Women – as part of a generally diverse workforce – add strength and creativity. Diversity is the warp and weft of an organisation. If all you’ve got is threads running in one direction, you’re going to be a bit flimsy.

What you need is that diversity of people running the other way, thinking differently, challenging assumptions, relating service delivery to end-users (our population base is becoming increasingly diverse) and knitting organisations together to make them stronger and better.”

Until we as an industry crack this problem, we will continue to miss out on the 50 per cent of the talent and ideas out there. With this in mind, Computing is continuing to run events like the Women in Tech Excellence Awards, as well as the upcoming Women in Tech Festival Global, in order to inspire more women to join the industry, and to promote and celebrate the many fantastic female success stories which exist within IT.

Winners will be announced at a special online ceremony on Tuesday 1 December at 4pm, after this year’s Women in Tech Festival Global.

The full list of finalists can be found here.