Our CEO, Andrew Mindenhall, Shares Insights on Leading Public-Sector Transformation

We are pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Andrew Mindenhall, CEO of Agilisys. In this insightful conversation, Andrew discusses the evolving technology landscape in the public sector and Agilisys' pivotal role in driving innovation and solutions for public sector organisations.

Andrew highlights the critical need for modernized infrastructure in the public sector and Agilisys’ proactive approach to bridging the technology gap.

“With the emergence of Integrated Care Systems that bring together local government and healthcare services, our knowledge and domain expertise become even more critical.”

He shares his thoughts on the transformative potential of “GenAI” for public sector services and how embracing this trend can drive substantial advancements in service delivery.

“GenAI holds immense potential; it’s not a passing trend. It’s truly one of the most profound shifts we’ve witnessed since the dot-com boom of the late ‘90s and early 2000s.”

Andrew shares his vision for Agilisys as an organization synonymous with expertise, agility, and innovative solutions. He adds his insights into Agilisys’ mission to make a positive impact on communities by placing technology at the forefront of public sector services.

“We aim to be an organization where the Agilisys team are seen as experts who can engage effectively and enable these organizations to drive meaningful, transformative change in their operations and service delivery.”

For the full interview and deeper insights, please access the complete interview here.

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