The Agilisys Podcast: Developing an app to support and improve audit processes

The Agilisys Podcast
The Agilisys Podcast
Austin Clark, Agilisys

The latest Agilisys Podcast focuses on the use of technology to drive continuous quality improvements of case audit management for Family Support – an organisation that gives families and children access to the help and support they need faster. 

Agilisys and Family Support worked together to develop a continuous quality improvement app called Family Quest, using Microsoft Power Platform, that can be implemented within social care settings to simplify case audit procedures and evidence a really high-quality process that includes continuous learning.  

In this podcast we’re joined by Cat Miller, Service Manager at Family Support, to discuss how the Family Quest app has transformed ways of working for the organisation. 

Topics discussed include: 

  • The work of Family Support
  • The need for the Family Quest App
  • How it was developed in partnership 
  • The problems Family Quest overcomes and how it supports the delivery of services on the frontline 
  • The App’s ability to increase efficiency, reduce cost and staff time, and streamline audit processes 
  • How Family Quest helped the organisations deal with the pressures and restrictions of Covid-19 
  • Tips and tricks learnt from the rollout of the App 
  • How organisations in a similar position to Family Support can utilise Family Quest. 

Further information on Family Quest can be found in a detailed case study – click here to download – and by visiting Family Support’s website here.