The Agilisys Podcast: Why the UK needs a digitally enhanced care sector

The Agilisys Podcast
The Agilisys Podcast
Austin Clark, Agilisys

In this latest episode of the Agilisys podcast, we welcome Catherine Pollard, Director of the National Centre of Expertise at NHSX and Paul Malcolm, Head of Healthcare at Agilisys, to discuss why the UK needs a digitally enhanced care sector, if it is to thrive. 

In this podcast we also discuss the roadmap that will help us tap into the potential of technology and importantly, what this means when it comes to skills. 

Questions discussed in this episode include: 

  • Why do we need a digitally enhanced care sector? 
  • What technologies will really drive digital transformation? How will they improve the situation? 
  • What’s holding back technology adoption? 
  • With that in mind, what does the roadmap/journey entail if we are to achieve a digitally enhanced care sector? 
  • What role will NHSX play in this? 
  • As a result of all that’s going on, do you expect to see the care sector becoming much more of a single system/service? 
  • How does the care sector attract staff with the right skills – or is it more a case of focusing on training and skills development?