The strategy articulated in the Delivery Plan for Tackling the Covid-19 Backlog in Elective Care signals a tangible commitment to transforming services, harnessing the potential of data and technology, and expanding the workforce and physical capacity of the NHS over the next three years.

Agilisys is thrilled that technology will play a key role in achieving the ambitions set out in the plan including eliminating wait times of longer than a year for elective care, ensuring diagnostic tests are undertaken within six weeks for 95% of patients, ensuring that 75% patients that have been urgently referred by a GP for suspected cancer receive a diagnosis within 28 days and enabling technology to transform the model of care for outpatient appointments thus reducing wait times.

One of the areas of focus articulated in the plan is around staff and the acceleration in adoption of digital solutions and new ways of working that free up time and make the best possible use of staff skills, time and experience.

We are major advocates of enhancing staff experience and the inextricable link between staff satisfaction and effectiveness. Freeing up staff from some of the more mundane administrative tasks and enabling them to make best use of their skills creates a positive work environment which is linked to reduced staff turnover, less instances of sick leave and higher levels of productivity. One of the ways that we free up staff to do work that is more fulfilling, adds greater value and creates capacity is through automation.

Another key theme of the plan that resonates with us is around using digital technology and advanced data systems to free up capacity. The plan cites the potential for technology to create efficiencies and release capacity where beds, appointments and clinicians time is apportioned. Our Data and Insight Practice is currently engaging with hospital trusts to deliver a new analytics product which will bring together key data points from multiple services and systems to create a unified view of bedflow. Our Automation and AI Practice is engaged with a number of Trusts across the country automating processes including booking appointments and referrals, creating more capacity in the system, allowing carers to do what matters most and enhancing both patient and staff experience.

These examples indicate that work is already underway in the health sector to create efficiencies in capacity and capability to transform the delivery of services in all areas including elective care. Agilisys is keen to continue to support healthcare organisations to use digital technologies to do more with less and to transform the way elective care is delivered.

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The stage is set for digital social care and health in 2022

The stage is set for digital social care and health in 2022