Overcoming barriers to collaboration in health and care


Watch Paul Malcolm, Agilisys Head of Healthcare discuss barriers to collaboration and data sharing – and why we need clear policies and procedures if data sharing is to improve.

In this latest video interview, the topic of collaboration is discussed by Paul Malcolm, Agilisys’s Head of Healthcare.

Paul discusses the major barriers to effective collaboration, most notably data protection laws, access to people’s information and the ability to share it across multiple organisations.

“When you talk to the public in general, they expect their information to be shared, it comes as quite a shock that them that not all information will necessarily be shared across the NHS,” says Paul, before discussing how the problem is compounded when you start looking at sharing across all of the organisations involved with health and social care in the UK.

Paul then goes on to talk about the need for data sharing agreements – and how often IT is blamed for failures when it’s often the policies and the processes behind the IT that don’t work.