Public services in the borough of Wigan partner with Agilisys to enable a collaborative approach to health and care commissioning underpinned by technology

NHS Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Wigan Council and two local NHS Health Foundation Trusts are working as part of the Healthier Wigan Partnership (HWP) to deliver better health & social care outcomes through delivery of an integrated care system within the borough.

The aim of the HWP is to support the local population through a co-ordinated and targeted approach to delivering responsive services, but also to focus on prevention, early intervention and self-care, which will allow people to stay healthy and independent for longer.

In support of this key objective, Wigan Council, the CCG and Agilisys, collaborated to transition the ICT delivery and technology services for the Wigan Borough CCG into a new, innovative, shared service model with Wigan Council, thereby allowing the CCG to enjoy enabling technology and delivery 100% aligned with the Council and the vision of integrated commissioning.  Staff can see the benefits of a flexible infrastructure and are looking at new ways that they will be able to work with more collaborative and agile technologies.

The CCG, Council and Agilisys worked in partnership to plan, design and implement the service and technology change, putting in place appropriate governance and ensuring that the transition ran smoothly and within the tight timeframe.

Jonathan Kerry Senior Assistant Director Wigan Borough CCG and Alison Hughes Assistant Director Strategic ICT Partnership said: “We are delighted that the planning and implementation of the integrated ICT solution went so smoothly. With Agilisys’s help, we managed to transition 200 users and rebuild 160 devices for CCG staff with no downtime. This new joined up approach to our work will enable us to better work together in commissioning services to support our population, underpinned by a responsive ICT services that is co-ordinated, safe and of a high quality.”

Andrew Mindenhall, Chief Executive at Agilisys added: “The work we’re doing with Wigan’s health and social care providers is extremely exciting and shows the potential of blending public sector organisations to drive outcomes-based services. Sharing data and access in a secure environment will allow for a seamless staff experience, and continued improvements in the commissioning of health and care services.”

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