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Having worked with many public sector web teams, in particular local authorities, we identified a range of common challenges in developing and maintaining a corporate website and content management systems (CMS).

We have configured ACE, a set of core Drupal modules to support content editors by reducing time and effort, together with simplifying the creation of intuitive and user-centric pages. Drupal is an open-source CMS widely used within the public sector.

ACE also includes the Submission Framework, a solution for integrating standard Drupal web forms with Dynamics 365.


20 years of designing, building and delivering innovative digital solutions and services for over 80 public sector organisations.

We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sector as many of our team members have previously worked for public sector organisations.

As a result, several of our clients have won awards through the work we’ve done and the support of our teams.

Our services

Better design decisions

ACE provides automated design advice to keep web pages simple and easy to use. These best practice principles encourage content accessibility and data security compliance. Adopting ACE can take a website towards compliance and increased usability.

Optimise content editor’s time

To avoid a constant stream of unstructured emails and calls, we deploy a ticket-based task management system which fully integrates with page content. Web teams can make better use of their limited time, prioritise their work and make tangible improvements for customers. 

Decisions empowered by insight

ACE hooks into Google Analytics to place insight tools into the CMS editor environment. Web editors can make informed decisions about where to focus their energy, improving the web pages that have the greatest impact on user experience. 

Submission Framework

A standard, flexible approach and mechanism for submitting information using standard Drupal web forms integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide robust end-to-end digital processes. 

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