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Maximising the impact of technology transformation requires a commitment to improving the data that feeds it. With the promises of predictive analytics, AI and machine learning for improving services and outcomes constantly expounded, it’s often the case that the returns can be seen, but not the steps to achieve them.

Our Data and Insight practice is here to guide you through that journey, from plotting your path to data maturity to deploying and managing your end-to-end tech-enabled data platform. We can coach you through the common challenges facing data such as leadership, talent, governance, culture and capability to deliver a fundamental shift in the way you use insight to drive action.

Our capabilities

Data Strategy and Roadmap

Providing the blueprints and bespoke implementation plan to transform your data capabilities.

Insight Accelerators

Turning data into actionable insight, through one-off analytics projects or a programme of insight initiatives.

Social Care Cost Modelling

Easily build and test scenarios for change on top of a powerful, predictive single view.

Data and Insights Platform

Our end-to-end managed service platform, integrating, analysing, protecting and visualising your data.

Data and Insights with Agilisys

Our focus on outcomes is at the heart of our practice

All our propositions are action oriented, from business cases driven by your new data roadmap, to the fully deployed Insight Apps that transform frontline decision making – so wherever you are on your data journey, get in touch and explore what your data can start doing for you today.