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For over a decade we have supported our customers to ensure services are compliant and unified.

Public sector partners are complex organisations. With the right tools, advice and team, they can stay ahead of the curve, continuing to improve their services. Harnessing our extensive sector knowledge, we transform and implement solutions aligned with your strategy, overcome key challenges, at pace that is comfortable to your organisation.

Our capabilities

Public Sector Template

Tried and tested transformation of core finance and HR processes.

Integration Services

Development, delivery and SaaS capability for all interfaces.

Support and Leadership

Consultancy services to assess operations, build business cases and support change.

Migration Services

Extracting, transforming and migrating data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

SaaS solution and transformation services in partnership with HSO.

We have a track record of delivering complex transformation of finance and HR across multiple public sector partners, including local government, central government and higher education. Our aim is to simplify the complex, freeing up valuable strategic capacity, which will enable you to adapt to future change.

Complex change programmes require specialist expertise and understanding of the public sector. Agilisys supports these through:

  • Deep sector knowledge: our templated solutions have been developed using decades of experience, ensuring key outcomes such as statuatory compliance, data security and auditable workflow controls are achieved.
  • Integration services that remove complex point to point data failure: the public sector integration framework is fully deployable as a cloud SaaS. Accelerating with reusable components, saving both costs and time.
  • Rapid ROI: supporting customers to achieve ROI in less than three years, and helping to embed lasting change and efficiencies
  • Support through critical transformation: we support organisations going through one of the most complex changes, by providing strategic insights and developing solutions that focus on improving employee experience with services.

Working in partnership

HSO brings over 30 years’ experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O to local government. Working hand-in-hand with Agilisys to help organisations connect disparate processes, making it easier for staff to deliver much needed services to the  communities you serve.