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Why Agilisys

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In a world where workplace change is constant, it’s important to focus not only on technical delivery, but supporting employees throughout each change in a structured way, with focus on:

  • Planning and managing change adoption activities
  • Communicating and engaging stakeholder and end users at the right time, with the right messaging
  • Educating and upskilling your workforce to ensure proficiency
  • Realising the benefit of your investment

In getting these right, we greatly increase the level of adoption and proficiency in your organisation.

Change Adoption is typically thought of as just communications and training.  These, of course are important aspects of achieving buy in and adoption within the workforce, but there are more components to consider.

  • Stakeholders – assessing and engaging programme stakeholders to ensure a consistent level of buy in throughout the organisation
  • Communications – There is always a need to tell end users what is happening, delivered through various mediums ensuring the right message is delivered at the right time
  • Champion Network – Champion networks help the programme both drive engagement for the change, along with providing a support mechanism for employees
  • Change Readiness – Ensuring the change is delivered at the right time to a willing and ready organisation is important for achieving maximum adoption
  • Training – It’s not enough to just create a buzz and tell people what is coming, they need to be upskilled and proficient in the new ways of working to ensure success
  • Resistance Management – No matter how great a change may be and the value it will deliver to your people or organisation, there will always be pockets of resistance.  The ability to identify and mitigate resistance is an often-missed aspect of change adoption

Our approach


We begin engagements by assessing the current state of the organisation, understanding how employees work and collaborate along with the merits and challenges this brings.


We work with you to define a change adoption approach, based on best practice, however tailored to the needs of you organisation to drive the maximum level of adoption.


Once we have laid the foundations in the change approach, we work with you to deliver the change specific interventions required to bring your employees on the journey through awareness, desire, knowledge and ability.


It’s important that we measure the effectiveness of the interventions, through detailed reporting metrics, stakeholder feedback and end user feedback.  This allows us to identify and manage any areas of resistance. 

Why Agilisys?

We deliver with passion and draw upon our comprehensive Change Adoption Framework when working on large scale transformations in partnership with our clients.  

We work with integrity and scale this framework to suit the client and the engagement.  

Regardless of whether we are running a full end to end Change Adoption programme or a targeted campaign, our structure and expertise allows us to deliver the best outcomes through innovation. 

Catch up on our latest insights to learn more about our work in the public sector.


Full Managed Adoption & Change Programme

We take the responsibility for the delivery of a full change adoption programme to compliment the technical delivery of projects and programmes.   

Change Approach

We can work with you to define a best practice based change adoption approach, tailored to your organisation, for your change resources to deliver. 

Change Readiness Assessment

Failing to assess the readiness of the organisation to accept and adopt the change being delivered can derail a well-planned programme.  Our change readiness assessment takes a methodical approach to analysing your organisational readiness for change, including key recommendations.

Digital Learning Content

Providing training to end users can be a challenge, especially in the Microsoft space, as the product suite is continually changed and improved.  Our digital learning content provides bitesize knowledge delivery, that’s continually updated in line with Microsoft. 

Modern Work Launch Campaign

A simple, engaging communications campaign driving awareness and desire amongst end users delivering the right messaging, at the right time, through the right channel.  

Governance & Advisory

If you have a highly capable change adoption team, but lack experience in modern workplace programmes, we can provide a governance & advisory service to provide insight and experience into these specific programmes.

Research shows that programmes that include Adoption and Change Management are…

6 times more likely to meet or exceed their objectives

Over 4 times more likely for the programme to stay on schedule

(PROSCI 2018)

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