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Women in Tech

Women in Tech: press for progress

For International Women's Day, we are shining a spotlight on the role of women in shaping the technology sector. At Agilisys, we believe in promoting, advocating and supporting women within Agilisys and Blenheim Chalcot, and ensuring equality of opportunity for all employees.

Roles and functions within the tech sector have never been more diverse. With digital, IT, wearables, products, platforms, delivery, cloud, strategy, Artificial Intelligence, infrastructure – the list goes on. Why then is this diversity not reflected in the people who occupy these roles?

Agilisys’ employee profile reflects the gender issue in the sector more broadly. For example, just 10% of our employees in our IT Services division are women. Although this is changing, there is a lot more we could all be doing to address the gender imbalance in the technical roles in our business.

Ahead of International Women's Day, we launched the Agilisys Women Empowerment Group. A group for all. A group for equality.

Zoe Wilson is Head of SharePoint and Office 365 Solutions at Agilisys and a member of the Agilisys Women Empowerment group. She says:

 “At Agilisys we have a responsibility to encourage a diverse workforce. Our group actively promotes the progression of gender issues within Agilisys to help support, develop and grow our business, whilst exploring current gender issues faced by Agilisys.

As part of International Women’s Day, we are participating in a mentoring event in our Barking office, which aims to inspire and empower girls from the local communities connecting them with a mentor and a network of female role models.

The mentoring event is our contribution to the ongoing debate around the representation of gender diversity within the tech industry. We want to change the image of tech forever, for the better”. 

Take a look at our recent vacancies and help advance Women in Tech.