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Be brave, be bold, see change

Digital is about more than technology and processes. It is a state of mind, a way of doing things.

The ‘State of the Digital Nation’ report set out a four-point action plan to help organisations who are seeking to develop and embed a digital culture.

Good examples of digital strategies across the UK have vision and leadership right at their heart, inviting each service area to play their part in making it a reality.

Wigan Council is an example of a collaborative and effective approach to widespread digital transformation, not only within the walls of the council but within the boundaries of the borough.

Wigan engages its residents as well as its workforce with the services provided in ‘The Deal’, putting it one step ahead of many organisations. By sharing the responsibility between the whole of the council and its residents, Wigan is well on its way to widespread cultural change.

To undertake bold change such as this requires an understanding of what is possible through the use and deployment of digital technologies. Leading in the digital age requires digital literacy and competency. So, who is the right person for the job?

According to the report, the CEO is by far most likely to be the lead person responsible for driving digital in the private sector. More than half of companies surveyed named their CEO as their digital lead in the report.

However, the picture is dramatically different in the public sector. Less than a quarter of those surveyed saw their CEO as their digital leader. In the public sector the Head of ICT is more likely to lead on digital, with a third of organisations stating this to be the case.

Rapid developments in technology have led to a complex and interconnected world, which requires leadership to help us navigate through it. Today’s leaders need to inspire and empower people to take sensible risks; start quickly, fail fast, iterating and learning along the way.

How is your digital approach shaping up? Are you embedding a digital culture that is robust and prepared for the ever-changing digital landscape? Read our latest report ‘The State of the Digital Nation’ to see how your digital journey stacks up against the industry.